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If you are looking for a great place to get al of the up to date pieces of information as they are happening then there is no place better than the Lending Club Blog. This blog is the official blog for Lending Club, written by the staff so you can rest assured that all of the information will be accurate and official information from Lending Club instead of rumors that might be circling around the internet.

One might ask “how much information is really out there to write just about Lending Club?” but the answer is quite a lot. The folks from the corporate team are great at keeping you up to date with all of the current things that the company is dealing with so that you will never feel like you are left in the dust.

The official blog is great for those looking for the raw deal information straight from the horse’s mouth. You might have to do a bit of digging around but there are several non-official blogs relating to Lending Club and other peer to peer trading platforms. You might be asking why you would ever want to get your information from a place that is non-official but the answer is simple – for all of the insider secrets.

When the corporate team for Lending Club writes their blogs, all of the content needs to be very straightforward and about their business as a whole. This is not the place that you go to if you want to find out the best pieces advice and tips for the latest trends in Lending Club and peer to peer trading. These blogs are often updated more frequently than the official blog as they just have a whole lot more to share. If you are looking for the smartest ways to invest your money in Lending Club then these would be the best places to look.

In the end it will probably be a good combination of the two types of blogs that you will use to get your information from. You will get your cold, hard facts from the official Lending Club Blog while getting all of your secrets and tips from the numerous other blogs across the internet that write about Lending Club. It is taking all of that information and using it wisely that will be all up to you.


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