Lending Club California


One of the things that has been a problem for some investors from the very beginning with Lending Club is that it is not available in all states, unlike Lending Club in California. This is because every state has different legislation and interpretations of their own laws making it so that Lending Club is perfectly legal in some areas but not in others. Those that are residents of the state of California can rest assured that they will have no problems whatsoever investing or taking out loans with Lending Club.

Unlike some other states that allow only trading, allow only borrowing or outright ban Lending Club activities entirely, everything having to do with Lending Club in California is completely allowed by state law. This is a huge advantage for California residents and we have even heard of people not wanting to move away from California as they might lose their Lending Club eligibility status. Beyond this some people when planning a move make sure that they only move to a state where they will be able to continue making use of Lending Club as a viable method of investment.

Not only are you able to use their services as a California resident but you have the added advantage of the Lending Club offices being right there in your backyard. The headquarters for Lending Club are located in the San Francisco so if you have any problems or questions it will be infinitely easier for you to take care of without ever having to leave the state.

California residents have been telling all of us for years about the exact reasons that they love living in California and eligibility to use Lending Club in California can definitely be added to that list too.


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