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Many people interested in learning more about Lending Club would like to find a good Lending Club forum to see what other consumers are saying about the company.  There are a number of forums discussing Lending Club available on the internet, but some stand out as being better maintained and having more relevant information than the others.  It is important to remember that the opinions expressed on any Lending Club forum are the opinions of the individual users and that your experience with the company may differ from their experience.

One of the most popular Lending Club forums is the one located at Wiseclerk.com.  The forum for Lending Club on this website contains a wealth of information about the company and its practices, including discussions about the direction the company is headed, new features rolled out by the company, and people’s experiences with the loans orchestrated by the company.  Anyone can read the discussions posted or register to post replies to the things that other users have written.

Some of the most popular comment threads on the Wiseclerk.com Lending Club forum involve an overview of Lending Club, information on how to track notes effectively, and information on Lending Club’s Foliofn secondary trading platform.  Comments on the forum date back to 2007 and new users can browse all of the topics and comments ever posted by any moderator or user.  The forum also contains press releases and information released by the company about the services offered by Lending Club.

Another popular Lending Club forum is Lendingclubtalk.com.  This forum is broken down into three main sections – Lenders Discussion, Borrower’s Board, and General LC Chat.  The Lender’s discussion section is a place for lenders to go to discuss important topics such as how to choose loans to fund, the average interest rates of the loans chosen, and what borrower requirements should be the most important.  The Borrowers’ Board allows borrowers to discuss their loan applications and ask the questions that they would like lenders or Lending Club representatives to answer.  The General LC Chat section is for all other discussions.

There are also many smaller Lending Club forums available as part of larger consumer forums that deal with dozens to hundreds of different topics and businesses.  The content of these forums are more general and often involve consumer complaints about how the company operates or its business practices.  Regardless of the type of information you are trying to find, you should be able to find the answers to any questions you may have on one of the Lending Club forums available on the internet.

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