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We are often getting asked as to whether or not Lending Club is a legit business because any people are looking for a great place to invest their money rather than just leaving it sitting in the bank which is a great strategy. Before investing anywhere though a lot of research needs to be done to ensure that the place you are going to be investing your money in is a worthwhile investment as well as being legit.  We are proud to tell you that Lending Club is fully legit in every sense of the word.

Lending Club might only have 5 years under their belt as a business but this has been more than enough time to prove themselves in the world of peer to peer marketing as a legit company. While there are certainly some other options out there for peer to peer lending, Lending Club remains as the largest and the most popular for a reason. Their customers generally describe their experience with Lending Club and not a single one that has used them has afterwards questioned their status as a legit business or not. Proof of this can be found by looking at the Better Business Bureau’s page about Lending Club in which you will see that every single complaint that has ever been filed against Lending Club (there aren’t many) has since been resolved.

Speaking of the Better Business Bureau, they are a great resource in being able to determine the fact that Lending Club is indeed a legit company. If you visit the Lending Club page on their site you will see that Lending Club has received an “A” rating overall. In fact the only thing that lowered the company’s score and kept them from getting an “A+” is the fact that they have only been in business for a short amount of time, relatively. This is obviously not even something that Lending Club has done wrong, just something that will be removed from their record as time goes on and they have been in business for a whole lot longer.

The Better Business Bureau is seen as the all-knowing guide to which businesses are legit and which ones are not so you should be able to take their recommendation at face value to the fact that Lending Club is definitely legit.

In the end we know that you are going to make your own decisions about whether Lending Club is legit or not, but we felt like it was important to make sure that you had all of the facts available to try to help you realize that the company in question is in fact, fully legit. A little investigation into their track record and their large base of satisfied and returning customers should be a pretty good indicator that they are worthy of your trust. We know there are a lot of scams floating around the internet but we are confident in saying that Lending Club is legit.


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