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Since the beginning of Lending Club in 2007, the company has seen a dramatic increase in popularity, originating more than $300 million in loans for more than 30,000 borrowers to date.  The increase in loan volume and high status as an alternative investment vehicle for lenders has raised interest in the company, with many potential borrowers and lenders looking for accurate information about the company and the performance of the loans.  This need for information has enticed many experts, borrowers, and lenders to create Lending Club reviews to document their experiences with the company.  Here are some of the most popular Lending Club reviews.

P2P Lending News: Lending Club Review – http://www.p2plendingnews.com/2011/04/lending-club-review/

The Lending Club review found on P2P Lending News focuses on providing information about the company and its business practices when matching borrowers and lenders to fund loan requests.  Potential borrowers can find information about the loans offered by the company and the requirements for approval for those loans.  Potential lenders can learn how to choose loans to fund and what type of return to expect on their investment.

Bargaineering.com: Lending Club Review: Another Peer to Peer Lending Marketplace – http://www.bargaineering.com/articles/lendingclub-review-another-peer-to-peer-lending-marketplace.html

The Lending Club review posted on Bargaineering.com is written by an individual who decided to become a lender with the company.  The review talks about the investor’s reasons for becoming a lender, his experience with the company, and general information about the process.  He goes into depth on the borrower’s requirements and cites them as a main reason for becoming a lender with the company.

Personal Loan Portfolio: Review of My First Loans with Lending Club – http://www.personalloanportfolio.com/26/review-of-my-first-loans-with-lending-club/

This Lending Club review details the experience of a lender making their first $500 worth of loans to borrowers through the website.  The review lists the things that the lender liked about the process, what they felt could be improved upon, and a final verdict about their experience with the company.  The review is written in an easy to understand format with clearly defined sections and bullet points for each topic.

Debt Free Adventure: Lending Club Review [My Personal Experience] – http://www.debtfreeadventure.com/lending-club-my-review-of-social-lending/

The Lending Club review posted on Debt Free Adventure is written by a borrower that used a loan from Lending Club to consolidate his high interest debt.  He details the amount saved by paying off the amount owed with a loan with a lower interest rate and explains how the process works from a borrower’s point of view.  The review also contains testimonials from lenders that detail their feelings about their experience with the company.

There are many other Lending Club reviews available on the internet written from the point of view of the borrower or the lender.  Each one will contain slightly different information that may or may not be relevant to your current financial situation or investment expectations.  Taking the time to examine some of these reviews can help you learn a lot about Lending Club and what to expect during your interactions with the company.

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